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We offer high-quality education and coaching in Finnish and English, e.g. the following topics

  • Project Management – Basics and Advanced Project Management
  • Financial management
  • Understanding the basics of economics for management – Finance for non-Finance
  • Service centers and outsourcing
  • Leading change
The trainings are tailored to the customer’s needs and are always carried out in an inclusive and interactive manner. We offer training both directly and in cooperation with partners, which are e.g. Aalto Executive Education, Management Institute of Finland, Marketing Institute and Project Institute.

From our clients

Feedback on training and coaching events

Yes, it met and maybe exceeded expectations. I might have expected a more boring training … It was useful to get an overview and a kind of checklist for project management. I also got an explanation of a method used in a project that was previously unknown to me and I hadn’t realized it was a method related to project management. So it was a kind of “aha-experience”, which is always a nice thing.
Absolutely a great trainer, definitely one of the best I have attended! Aroused interest – one could even say that enthusiasm for the topic! 🙂
A great trainer who knew how to present things in an understandable and interesting way.
The approach to the topic was very good and the trainer’s expertise and practical proximity was absolutely brilliant.
Good training and good trainer. The personality of the trainer matters.
Can simplify even difficult things.
Excellent trainer. Excellent training (material, example).
Excellent and easy-to-follow presentation with good material.
Excellent English skills (highly appreciated!)
Very good and clear training, easy to follow but challenging enough.
I confirm my expectation Martti is very good teacher. I like his way of teaching and that we had exercises.. where we can apply knowledge.
Excellent presentation style.
Excellent withdrawals on [asiakasyrityksessä] matters not yet done / pending that have not been sufficiently addressed And in a good spirit, not to blame. Good thing.
The course was very successful.
It was useful to see some kind of “neutral or personal PM approach” without focusing any specific PM method (maybe mostly on PMBOK). Mr Martti Kouhi had a long experience in the area of project management and he definitely had a lot of realism in his presentation. In my opinion he had very good method to teach PM.
Excellent presentation skills, great job in engaging us, very good presentation material, interesting varying case studies. Exceeded all my expectations in all areas. Also appreciated is the attention to schedule and breaks.
The training was better than expected. I’m sure I will have use of it in the future.

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