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ICT can increase sales more that marketing and R&D, and also reduce cost – but only in those companies that can correctly link it to their strategy and financial management.

Do you know which part of your ICT cost directly supports the company strategy? Which part produces cost savings elsewhere in the organisation, and which part could you spend less on? How much is investment in the future, and how much is running and maintaining current capability – and are the proportions right? Which investments are really profitable? A simple model helps answering the questions and making the right decisions.
According to research, companies fall into two groups: those where ICT improves profitability and implements a company’s strategy, and those where ICT causes mere costs and bottlenecks. The difference is in the ability of company management to take over ICT, harness it to advance the company’s goals and find common ground with information management.

Solventor offers

A four-module program to take over ICT

1. Mapping of the current situation –
how does the current management work?

Explains how ICT is linked to strategy in a company, how its productivity is measured and how decisions are made. Identifies opportunities for better productivity

2. Investment management –
are the right things being done?

Creates an overview of a company’s ICT projects and identifies strategic, productive and core investments. Analyzes the methods used to select investments and ensure benefits, and evaluates the efficiency of investments.

3. Management of the IT used –
are the costs optimized?

Creates an overall picture of a company’s ICT portfolio and its strategic and productive components. Identifies business-critical applications and their service levels. Analyze cost measurement and optimization.

4. Projects for change –
how is ICT taken up?

Implementing the necessary changes.