Solventor has joined the Wiltrain consultancy network

Solventor has joined the Wiltrain consultancy network. Wiltrain is a consortium of independent consulting companies that combines entrepreneurship and agility with a larger resource pool of knowledge and experience complementing each other.

Wiltrain’s main competencies are:

  • Redirection and implementation of strategy
  • Leadership development and coaching
  • Development of sales and salespeople
  • Negotiation skills and customer service improvement
  • Communication and collaboration skills development
  • Improving processes and quality systems

… and now also Finance and IT management, project management and Corporate Responsibility!

Wiltrain also represents the training programs of Wilson Learning in Finland. Wilson Learning is a global training company founded in 1965, whose popular training products focus on the themes of Leadership Effectiveness, Sales Effectiveness and Individual Effectiveness.
Participation in the Wiltrain network does not affect Solventor’s other partnerships or collaboration agreements.